Student Testimonials


“Burning2Learn has helped me a lot, especially

with my organisation and confidence, and I have been able

to use these skills in school and life in general.” 


- Year 10 Student


“Through my experiences at Burning2Learn I have

made some great friendships and gained some truly amazing experiences and skills. The experience has raised 

my own self-esteem and confidence in my

ability to achieve despite my Dyslexia.” 


- Year 11 Student



“I had a really great time at your Career Day! I believe that the experience really helped my writing, listening

and understanding skills.”


- Year 10 student


“I was very very shy, you know, I kept my head down and

worked very hard. I was nervous a lot of the time 

and had a lack of confidence in myself. At least

90% of my confidence has come from working

with Alan and Burning2Learn – it has been

absolutely fantastic.”


- Past student



“That’s the brilliant thing… whether you’re a writer,

a photographer or whatever else it gives you two things;

the experience and the confidence.”


- Year 13


“A Burning2Learn experience is very beneficial to

young people; I guess it allows you to have different

opportunities to function in the real world. To find your comfort

zone and tint the real world with your ideas.” 


- Year 13


"Burning2Learn has shown me how to be around different

people and different learning environments.”


- Year 12


“You don’t have to act like an idiot to get respect. You’ve got

to have belief in somebody when they believe in you.” 


- Student from a class of which 80% have gone to prison




Parent Testimonials


“My son hates school but with Burning2Learn he doesn't realise he is doing school work. After spending two days up at Silverstone (on a Career Day) he asked me to bring him up for the weekend.  He wanted to work, even though he didn’t know he was working!”


- Parent, Kent


"Thank you so much for ensuring (my child) had a very informative yet enjoyable work experience. I have seen a real change in (my child) this week and up until now he has found it difficult to leave the house for any reason other than school.  I can tell by the enthusiasm re the trip that (my child) has benefited so much from his placement. Thanks again to you

and your colleagues."


- Parent, Kent


“Fantastic opportunity for promoting

education and  making a valuable difference."


- Visitor at a Burning2Learn Career Day.