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Unleashing the potential of women at work!

Our latest Smartworking Summit Report is here!

Moving far away from siloed events, Smartworking Summits invite delegates from ranging industries and sectors to explore, observe and discuss some of the most critical challenges of tomorrow’s workforce.

Attracting and attaining talent continues to challenge organisations, so it’s a competitive essential to address these issues and unlock the full potential of women in the workplace. What would you do to tackle this challenge?

These figures might help to put the breadth of this challenge into perspective:

- Women make up almost 7 out 10 of those graduating from universities - 45% of the workforce are women - 93% of executive directors are men - Only two FTSE100 CEOs are female

Full Report

... Facts of the day: 72% of attendees were c-suite directors from major organisations. Collectively, the registered delegates interact with over 80 million employees on a daily basis!

Want to read more? There's plenty more where that came from on our events page - you can also visit Quora's website to find out more about their 2017 summits

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