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Numbers in action!

The latest #GlobalGoals campaign video is here!

You, your friends, family, neighbours, classmates, teachers and community can all make a difference in the world today. If you have seen what's possible through the goals and want to do something about it, start by sharing this video and spreading the word - there are still lots of people, groups and organisations that haven't heard of them.

The next step after that is entirely in your hands -

The best ideas in the world all started out as simple conversations between people just like us. If they can make a difference, why not us?

If you have an idea about the goals in your school or town, get in touch! We'd love to hear what you have to say and share it with more young people and communities.

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Since our new webiste launch!


"You are never too young to lead. You are never too young to do what it is you actually believe in. We keep saying that the future belongs to  the young; it only belongs to you if you take it. From what I have seen, 

you young people are going to change the world; and you have to be that change that you want to see."


- Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of The United Nations

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