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Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms

"It's (education is) about standardisation - and I believe we've got to go in the exact opposite direction; that's what I mean about changing the paradigm."

Great, great, watch and so many valuable lessons to be learnt from this! Here, Sir Ken Robinson highlights some of the critical mindset-shifts and changes in expectations that are imperative - not just within the education system; but within all sectors in society - moving forward.

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"You are never too young to lead. You are never too young to do what it is you actually believe in. We keep saying that the future belongs to  the young; it only belongs to you if you take it. From what I have seen, 

you young people are going to change the world; and you have to be that change that you want to see."


- Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of The United Nations

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