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Change will never be this slow again!

Creating Workplaces For Tomorrow's Talent

Today’s young people have more opportunities at their fingertips than any other generation before them. Born into a world on the cusp of a paradigm shift so great that it transcends traditional outlooks, millennials are now stepping into the workplace equipped with new mindsets, evolved expectations and more autonomy than the workplace has ever seen. So get ready to hear more talk of ‘virtual teams’ and ‘mobile meetings‘ - even multimedia messaging app, ‘Snapchat’ is making its way into workplace discussions.

These are just a few examples of the changing needs and expectations of the workforce that were discussed at the latest Quora Smartworking Summit. Is your organisation prepared for their arrival?

Throughout the summit many speakers made reference to the term ‘silos’, and the damaging impact working in silos can have on a business. The ‘Silo Mentality’ is a mindset present when certain departments/sectors prefer to work independently in isolation, as appose to sharing useful knowledge and information. We believe that the negative impacts of the silo mentality transcend the business alone, causing a ripple effect across society. This is why sharing and reinforcing the core messages from this summit is imperative, as it will enable a new silo-less mindset to emerge.

The key themes discussed at the summit included:

• Developing a shared value culture

• Shifting towards the common greater good

• Co-creating Emergence

• Acquiring and retaining future talent

Our aim at this Quora Smartworking Summit was to learn from the key messages and expectations of industry leaders so that they can be transfered into the language of 10-19 year olds. Our experience has proven this to be an authentic, relevant and effective way of preparing young people for life in modern Britain.

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