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London Technology Week

London Technology Week is back with a bang this summer. Kicking off on 20th June, the festival of live events returns for its 3rd edition and there's lots to get involved in!

Organisers behind the event anticipate huge numbers of participants, even more so than last year which saw attendees from some 88 countries. This year's festival includes five new content streams, each specifically designed to help participants navigate the programme for the week.

Five Content Streams:

BUSINESS: Explore how businesses can and SHOULD navigate, embrace, compete and respond to the deluge of disruptive technologies affecting their status quo.

GROWTH: Support networks and advice available for start-ups and scaling up existing businesses.

TALENT & INCLUSION: Events in this stream will discuss, debate and address key issues concerning diversity, talent and the 'digital divide'.

INNOVATION: Introducing new and, in some cases, never-before-seen technologies from top innovators.

AFTER HOURS: This week also provides an excellent platform to connect, share knowledge and collaborate face-to-face with tech enthusiasts from around the world.

Although this is the first year we have heard about the festival, we are hearing more and more great things about it so it's definitely worth checking out.

For more information, head to the website and you should find all the info you need!

Event website

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