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FutureFest is back!

The ball for FutureFest 2016 is officially rolling as Nesta unveils a first glimpse at what's in store!

From 'food hacking' to 'future of love' and swapping tedious tasks for transformational technology, this year's festival is on track to become Nesta's most successful show yet! The festival will explore four themes, which include future of love, play, thrive and work, and is set to take place on 17-18th September 2016.

"The best part about FutureFest is how it showcases cutting-edge artists, authors, leaders, makers and thinkers - and we somehow pack it all into one weekend!"

FutureFest will featuring five stages, 12 immersive experiences, 16 debates and over 100 speakers - and there is still a lot more content to be announced soon!

Hitting the stages this year are:

Entrepreneur, Sherry Coutu CBE

Advertising mogul, Cindy Gallop

Experimental musician, composer and author Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky)

Interactive Instillation, Coming Out

Stage Designer, Es Devlin

Video game writer and designer, Rhianna Pratchett

This year's show will be taking place at Tobacco Dock and tickets are already on sale!

Visit the FutureFest website for more information

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