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Education by stealth through the Internet of Everything

How IoT can help drive learning environments and experiences forward tenfold!

We have all seen what the internet - one of the biggest evolutionary steps to date - can do. Th next step was the Internet of Things (IoT) - which allows . Over the next few years, we will witness the biggest leap yet as it becomes the Internet of Everything (IoE). It is predicted that by the year 2020 more than 50 billion connected devices will be on the Internet. Furthermore, 'Internet of Things' is about more than having an online presence. IoT is a network of physical objects - such as sensors, smartphones, electronics - that transmit data via the internet to the cloud providing a “smarter” service or experience for the user. This is what we mean by “smart technology”, examples of which are already being used in today's market which includes the apple watch.

The Internet of Things - and by extension the internet of everything - will hence provide a phenominal platform for all sectors; business, education, environmental, banking, government, health, public services and security.

Our particular focus is on the impacts that IoE can have on education; from both a teaching and learning perspective.

Through IoE, connected devices can help make life easier for students with special needs. For instance. a visually impaired student can be given a special card that when registered by a computer, automatically enlarges font size. Rather than having to worry or feel embarrassed about calling the teacher over for help in front of the rest of the class, the student can take care of the issue, which also builds self-confidence and promotes independence.

Examples of areas of impact:

- Students will learn faster

- Teachers will be able to do their work more efficiently

- Increased school security

- Smart working and learning

- Additional support for special needs students

"The idea of the Internet of Things is to enable a world where devices, data and places are connected with applications and people over the Internet, transforming the way we discover and interact with the world."

This is definitely a topic to watch!

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