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Big Questions for school students in 2016

In 2013, Professor Sugata Mitra's TED talk called for a revolution in education and referred to his 'School in the Cloud' platform which helps students prepare for the future by using Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLE). Since his talk, Professor Mitra's message has spread far and wide across the globe and has inspired teachers, parents, educators and communities to experiment with their own Self-Organised Learning Environments.

School in the Cloud ignites their students’ imagination and creativity by asking 'Big Questions', and have found that learning happens spontaneously in these types of purposefully chaotic environments.

Let's try some of these questions now...

- Can children learn without going to school?

- Should access to the internet be allowed in the exam hall?

- How can schools prepare young people for jobs that haven't been invented yet?

- How does an email travel from one device to another?

- What can plastic bottles be recycled into?

Encouraging curiosity and giving young people the confidence to ask more questions is something that Burning2Learn believes educators should prioritise. Challenge your students to more questions like these and see what happen!

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"You are never too young to lead. You are never too young to do what it is you actually believe in. We keep saying that the future belongs to  the young; it only belongs to you if you take it. From what I have seen, 

you young people are going to change the world; and you have to be that change that you want to see."


- Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of The United Nations

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