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Get Smart, Get Loud, Get Active; Learn more about the reality of climate change and take real action

In his latest TED talk, Al Gore, founder and chairman of The Climate Reality Project, poses three questions that will determine the future of our planet – and why there’s good reason to be optimistic. Al encouraged his audience to listen, learn and take action - and we encourage our readers to do the same!

Al began his presentation but admitting,

"I have a lot of bad news but I also have a lot more good news."

Laying out three imperative questions, and his own responses to these challenges, he asked:
Do we really need to change?
Can we change?
/will we change?

The Climate Reality Project promotes practical solutions to the concerning impacts that climate change is already having on the planet and the future populations. Enabling the necessary planet-wide shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy should be at the forefront of business, political, economical and environmental agendas.

"Our mission is to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society."

Find out more by visiting the Climate Reality Project's website.

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