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Exploring careers at the London Boat Show: What can the industry offer the next generation?

Have you ever considered a career in a particular field? You may have thought about becoming a teacher, or finding a role in marketing or travel. Whether you're interested in engineering, sports, catering, first aid or finding a trade, there's one thing that each of these occupations have in common. They are all job roles that you can find in the boating sector.

Have you ever thought about a career in the boating world?

It may surprise you to learn that 7960 people from the South East alone are employed in the boating sector. The UK marine industry employs 31,450 members of staff and generates £2.9billion every year.

There are so many opportunities in today's job market, in a range of industries and sectors that you may not even have noticed properly before.

Check out our event report on this year's Boat Show to find out more from the professionals themselves!

Burning2Learn Event Report

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