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Alexis Haass, Director of Sustainability at Adidas, Sustainable Brands 2015.

Alexis Haass, Director of Sustainability at Adidas, addressed the crucial role of structuring and executing innovative partnerships in bringing sustainable product design to market. She talked about the partners that Adidas engages with and shared, “in order to understand who we pick and how we choose to work with them, you need to understand how it is that we look at the people we want to engage with. We look at the attitude they bring and the method we want to work with them”.Haass continued to explain Adidas’ belief that through sport we have the power to change lives. “We see that every day”, she states, referring to sporting legends across the world and the power they each had to change people’s impressions.

In her presentation, Haass also discussed the possibilities for open source data in business and used an example of how Adidas has been working in an open source approach with athletes. She explained how this approach involves opening their source code, brand DNA and the expertise they have to others. Is this something you can imagine your business doing?

Haass further explained the effectiveness of open source partnershipss by discussing Asidas’ new partnership with Parley for the Oceans by unveiling the world’s first shoe with an upper made entirely of ocean plastic waste.

This presentation took place on November 18th in London. Check out the full video at www.sustainablebrands.com

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