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Bloodhound inspires a generation to think bigger, climb higher and explore with limitless imaginatio

At a recent event in London’s Canary Wharf, The BLOODHOUND Project revealed the world’s fastest and most advanced racing car: BLOODHOUND SSC. The team behind the Bloodhound Supersonic Car are aiming to beat the land speed record by achieving 1000mph.

Six years ago some of the Burning2Learn team were lucky enough to see the Bloodhound SSC at The Autosport Show Live in London. It was here that we first saw the reality of how much of a positive impact this project is having on the aspirations and motivation of young people. We saw faces lighting up as they looked up at the impressive SSC - it is 13 meters long, 3 meters high at the top of its wing and weighs 7.7 tonnes when fully fuelled - and watched as children, teenagers and young adults creatively engaged in the project and approached the team to find out more. They were asking questions, listening and absorbing the information that was being shared and continuing the discussion as they walked away with their friends.

Bloodhound SCC at Autosport Live 2009. Full Article from 2009 available here.

For us, that is the most significant part of this incredible journey that the Bloodhound team have embarked on. The Bristol-based team has spent the past decade working on the SSC, and through their astonishing work have created an entirely new educational curriculum aimed at inspiring young people to explore, enjoy and get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Just like when the space mission first took off in the late 1960's prompting every child to want to grow up and work for NASA, the bloodhound project is erupting within education and instilling a whole new creative mindset in the lives and aspirations of our next generation.

The Bloodhound Education Programme will be made available to all pupils in primary and secondary schools across the UK and to students in further and higher education as well. Nearly 4,000 schools registered in the first 18 months of the project and are bringing the project into their own communities.

The team are also launching a free online community for 'explorers and educators from 4 to 104' called BLOODHOUND BLAST.

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