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A Career Alternative to University after A-Levels

This week the Burning2Learn team came across another fantastic success story for aspiring young people who are preparing to take their first steps outside the world of education.

In the coming weeks we will be meeting with one of the Group Communications team members for Tesco in the South East. Simon has agreed to take on the Burning2Learn Coffee Cup Challenge, where he will be asked about different roles and opportunities for employment, what skills he looks for in new employees and the challenges within his own role within such a widely recognised organisation.

We'll also be asking Simon about routes to employment for young people and find out more about working life within this organisation, beyond what we as the general public see during our weekly shop!

Simon shared a great example of how hard work and determination does pay off, sometimes in ways that we may not have even considered. He spoke of a 20 year old who has been a line manager for just over a year at the Tesco store in Newmarket.

"When I first started with the company at 16 I never thought I would pursue my career any further than just an evening job to support me while I completed my A-levels." - Harvey Mallett

For the full article on Harvey's story, follow this link

The full write up of Simon's interview will be coming soon!

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