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Career advice for millennials (and really, anyone) from Margaret Heffernan

In an interesting post this week on TED Blogs, Juliet Blake and Kate Torgovnick May looked into some recent careers advice from Margaret Heffernan, who in her astonishing career has been the CEO of five businesses!

What's her first bit of advice? Get to know your co-workers!

“Social capital is a form of mutual reliance, dependency and trust. It hugely changes what people can do. This is more true now than ever. It’s impossible in modern organizations to know everything that you need to know. What you need are lots of people who know lots of different things. Collectively you’re smarter," Margaret Heffernan

We couldn't wait to read more about Heffernan's thoughts as her advice seems to sit hand-in-hand with some of the key themes we have seen in bridging the gap between education and the world of work!

Well worth a read for those starting out in work:


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