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This year Nesta's FutureFest sparked the exploration into the coming world of 3D printers that can print a house in under a day and where the price of four cubes of chocolate will have accumulated to a staggering £10! There are endless possibilities rippling through the water waiting for you to dip your toes in and discover, are you brave enough to take the plunge and dive a little deeper?

We can help you kick start the debate in your school to open up the coming world and help you figure out your place in it! There's a whole host of topics waiting to be discuss:

Is learning to drive becoming a redundant skill?

As driverless cars come in will driving instructors go out?

The arrival of robots - We've seen them in Sci-Fi films for decades

but they're well and truly here! How will robots change your life?

Why is the price of future foods so different?

How can chocolate lovers keep it accessible?

Our team are very interested in hearing what you and your classmates have to say about these topics, and the many others that were brought to life at FutureFest 2015!

If you're interested, fantastic! You're very welcome to get in touch with us via our email address schools@burning2learn.co.uk or via telephone 01322 614000

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