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Today's Challenge!

We've been served up a curve ball this afternoon that entails finding new ways to engage young people in real world issues. Our challenge is to create fresh, crisp and engaging education materials that look into today's BIG topics! These materials will be created for students in three of the main transitional areas in education; Primary to Secondary, GCSE and options, Further education and the world of work.

So whether it's global giving or tool-kitting technology, we are looking to get young people clued into what's going on in the world they are about to enter! And we think we know where to start...

We've turned our attention to Nesta's great FutureFest event. FutureFest explores what the world might look like in decades to come, and we believe its six themes (Future Democracy, Future Machines, Future Global, Future Thrills, Future Music and Future Money) are extremely significant to young people - after all, it's them who will be making the BIG societal decisions in 2050! The event kicks off mid March and will be the perfect opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in a weekend of futuristic thinking and change-making ideas! The challenge, then, will be to develop action based projects that identify what needs to happen now to pave the way to the future that they want to see.

There's no telling what will come out of an event like this, but you can be sure that it'll have you chatting for days!

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