Motivating tomorrow's adults today






Burning2Learn aims to transform young people's skills, attitudes and life chances by developing enterprising and entrepreneurial

learning within education. To achieve this, we work with schools, businesses and community partners to develop programmes that enhance

engagement in learning and enable young people to learn about the world of work and business that they will one day transfer their skills into. 


We approach learning with a holistic ethos that puts developing confidence, self-esteem and motivation within young people at

the heart of the agenda for all of our programmes. 


Objectives of our programmes include:







Exploring what's out there; using media as a platform, students are taken to prestigious events to learn more about new industries and to meet and learn from business professionals, whilst also exploring their ultimate career goals.






Encouraging aspiration; developing self-esteem, motivation and confidence is at the heart of

all our programmes. This also includes enhancing interpersonal skills, team work ability, social interactions and confidence in communication. 







Demonstrating the relevance of education in the world of work; young people often experience confusion about the relevance of some topics within education on their future. 

If a student was looking to become a sports coach they may not see the 'point'

of studying history, say.  






High impacts through tailored programmes; our human centric approach to learning enables us to focus on building the strengths within the individual. As such, we tailor our programmes to the specific needs of each school that we work with, and by extension, to the needs of the young people. This approach has a high impact as it allows young people to work on the areas that are most relevant to them.








Transferring skills into the world of work; by encouraging and supporting young people

in identifying the skills required for them to fulfil their own personal transition

into employment.