The Scottish Referendum: A Campaigner's View


Date:            Wednesday 8th October 2014

Venue:         Greencoat Place, London Victoria 

Speaking as somebody who has been involved in his community for a very long time and somebody who has a sense of what's going on in Scotland, Ian Monteague shared a campaigner's view on the Scottish Referendum in London this week. As Chairman of community outreach initiative FARE (Glasgow), and a supporter of disadvantaged young people at a grassroots level, Ian kicked things off with two crisp statements:


"To make it absolutely clear, I voted no. The second thing I am obliged to do is tell the truth as I have perceived it meeting people in Scotland and in my community in Glasgow."


Holding true to his word, Ian described his experiences and said, "The further south I come, the more I realise that Westminster is out of touch".


On the 18th September the silent party spoke and Scotland remained in the United Kingdom with a healthy 10% difference in votes. Today and on the 18th we stood and stand on the threshold of yesterday and tomorrow - and something needs to happen in between.


"Politics is not only for the political class, everybody in this room is and ought to be a decision maker."


"The truth is that the tectonic plates have moved, and not just geographically, but spiritually, politically, economically and within communities. The world changed on the 18th September and I am stunned at the impact that it had and at the reverberations going round the world. Scotland became a catalyst for an alphabet soup and the possibility of a domino effect."


We have had the various 'springs' in countries all over the world

and now Scotland has lit the touch paper that could cause a domino effect in other countries. Many countries sent people visiting Scotland in the run up to this referendum to find out the feasibility of it happening in their counties - include representatives from Texas!


"We have disturbed Europe, we have disturbed the world."

Since our new webiste launch!


"You are never too young to lead. You are never too young to do what it is you actually believe in. We keep saying that the future belongs to  the young; it only belongs to you if you take it. From what I have seen, 

you young people are going to change the world; and you have to be that change that you want to see."


- Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of The United Nations

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