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Praneo is a collaborative foundation that's working towards a sustainable economy, centered on the human. Their aim is to raise consciousness towards sustainability of people, planet and profit. 

Generous stranger does £5000 worth of free laundry for homeless families


The World's Largest Lesson

Sir Ken Robinson continues to make waves in the education community and beyond as he teams up with Producer Helen Argo and Director Sarah Cox to write a video on the UN Global Goals for young people.


This video effortlessly captures both the relevance and necessity of the Global Goals, improves young people's understanding and engagement, and will encourage motivation and mobilise positive action.  

10 ideas from Bill Gates to Young People


Musician plays on behalf of homeless in uplifting project #HePlaysForMe

Chris Leamy is singer-songwriter in New York City who makes time to play his guitar and sing on behalf of homeless people to help them raise money.


His project, #HePlaysForMe, started last year and has since gone on to generate roughly $6,000 - $4000 of which has gone to charity organisation Bowery Mission, with the remainder going directly to homeless individuals.


Chris documents all of his interactions with the homeless community and has taken to posting his experiences on Instagram.


In a post last year which featured him standing next to a man living on the streets, he commented: " When I tried to give Eric the money after our set, he refused to take all of it. “You played, you need to keep some of it!” It was only a few dollars, but I thought that was incredibly gentlemanly of him. While we were taking this picture I slipped the rest into his jacket. Union Square, 4/5/6 Line".

106 year old woman shines with glee at meeting the Obamas

Virginia McLaurin has lived through 18 presidents, 2 World Wars and has waited all her life to see an African-American in the White House. So, when she finally got a chance to meet President Obama, the 106-year-old woman couldn't contain her excitement.


She was a huge hit - both inside the Whitehouse and out - and has become the internet's latest darling as she danced hand-in-hand with the Obamas.


Ms Virginia began a social media campaign in 2014 to meet President Obama, and in her video message to the President she explained, "I didn't think I'd ever live to see a coloured president. I am so happy. I pray for you every day of my life." This week the video, accompanied by a White House petition and a Facebook page, caught the White House's attention and Virginia's dreams came true.


Virginia was invited to meet the President in celebration of Black History Month, and the White House shared a video of her ecstatic encounter. Screaming with delight and waving her cane in the air, Virginia danced over to the President and beamed with uncontrollable joy:


"It's an honour, it's an honour," she tells the President, "I thought I would never live to get in the White House".


Virginia was born in South Carolina in 1909. In 1941, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she has resided ever since.

Almost exactly 100 years since Einstein's prediction, signs of gravitational waves emerge

When two black holes merge and form a single, even large, black hole around three suns’ worth of mass gets turned into energy, in the form of gravitational waves. The idea of gravitational waves was first put forward by Albert Einstein in the general theory of relativity.


On February 11th 2015 - for the first time in human history -scientists detected such waves at the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). Named GW150914 by LIGO, it is being called a triumph in the scientific community and will 'open a new window onto the universe and giving researchers a means to peer at hitherto inaccessible happenings, perhaps as far back in time as the Big Bang'.


Although Einstein had supposed the idea of gravitational waves, he often found himself between his own arguments for and against their existence. Nearly a century later, his thoughts and predictions were proven. Now, we're not expecting you to become the 21st century's own Einstein, but we do think it's worth thinking about what lies ahead. 


So we are asking all young people and students that we work with to take a look at the world today and imagine 5 newer, bolder and impactful changes that might be coming out way this year. You can find tips and ideas on our blog and Twitter page.   


For more on this story, read the full news report via the link below. We look forward to hearing you five predictions for 2016 soon!

There's always a way forward

Today's story is about the journey of a potato farmer in the UK who went from a state of bankruptcy and fields of rotting potatoes, to a multi-millionnaire with homegrown produce from the same farm being sold around the world.


Heartfordshire farmer William Chase took on his father's farm at a young age and has since been dedicated to seeing it thrive and grow. When a wave of torrential rain ruined his produce, Chase simpply refused to give in and stuck with it, determined to come out the other side. In a recent interview with the BBC, he shared the triumphant story of his success in creating best-selling upmarket crisps brand Tyrrells, and luxury vodka brand 'Chase Vodka' which now sells 10,000 bottles per week!


Throughout his journey, Chase found himself coming up against industry giant Tesco and facing some of the biggest challenges of his lifetime. Now aged 52, the farming is still going strong and he is a man doing what he loves every day of the week!

Building Confidence in Young Readers

Having only recently learned of their impressive work in education, we are very excited to learn more about reading intervention programme, Rhythm For Reading. Over the course of ten weeks, Rhythm For Reading works with small groups of children to assess, inspire, raise, sustain and expand their reading skills.  


Their programmes are an excellent example of how to build confidence in young people when helping them to learn or improve a skill. By focusing on the individual, this programme encourages young students to have a go, builds confidence and leads to self-actualisation. 


What's more, Rhythm For Reading also empowers and trains teachers to deliver the programmes. So once the ten weeks are up, the learning support for young people can continue effectively all year round. If you aren't already familiar with their work, take a look at the Rhythm For Reading website at the link below!

Inspiring Body Image Video by Young Creative Mollie-Mae Taylor

Mollie-Mae Taylor is a young creative from Thomas Clarkson Academy who put an inspirational video together based on a poem she wrote about body image. Mollie-Mae wrote was inspired by Humanutopia, an organisation that she had worked with in school. 


Humanutopia is a social enterprise that creates and runs empowering life changing courses in schools, for both students and staff. Humanutopia is extremely proud of what Mollie-Mae has produced and having similar results with more young people every day!


Check out Mollie-Mae's video at the link below:

This postal worker's photo goes viral as it touching so many hearts

A Pensacola postal worker stopped in the rain for the funeral procession of a WWII veteran and daughter Carole Chase-Draughan took a photo as they passed him. The photo has now gone viral with over 25,000 shares because people have been so moved by the level of respect he displayed.


True acts of human kindness and respect are shown every day by individuals like Glenn Corbett all around the world. Lets shout about their stories some more and spread the good news!

Courageous man makes bold decision to give life-altering support to a stranger

Although listening to the news most days might sway us into thinking otherwise sometimes, there are so many people in the world who do good, nice and positive things every day - sometimes for complete strangers.


We came across Eugene Yoon's story this week, who felt a calling to do something completely life-changing for somebody who he had never even met before. After two months of searching, he learned of Arthur Renowitzky, a man who was mugged, shot and paralysed. Arthur was determined to walk again and became dedicated to helping him.

Primary school children learn sign language to communicate with their deaf classmate

Six year old Zedj started school last year and was blown away by what his classmates did for him! In a few short weeks, Zedj's entire class learned sign-language so that they could all communicate together. 

Challenger Troop CIC receive praise from Secretary of State for Education

As one of the UK’s leading providers of youth engagement programmes with a military ethos, Challenger Troop CIC were thrilled to receive a message from Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP this week. Challenger Troop was formed in 2007, and runs programmes for primary and secondary schools, academies, sixth-form colleges, further education colleges, PRUs and community partners.


Their programmes see students tackling assault courses, taking on 5 mile runs and even trying their hand at overnight bushcraft survival training in the woods! The Challenger Troop team is made up of predominantly former-military staff, so they all know a thing or two about teaching discipline, respect and character building. Challenger Troop is a fantastic example of how a student-centred approach to teaching really can change lives and build self-esteem and motivation.

UK Astronaut Inspires Next Generation

Tim Peake's journey to the International Space Station has been the inspiration behind a space-themed 'science day' at a school in Northampton. Girls from every year group in the school were treated to a day designed to quirk their curiosity, teach a little science and inspire them to think bigger and braver! The science day was inspired by the British Astronaut's exciting space mission and aimed to change student mindsets towards the subject. Students and staff had nothing but praise and positive feedback for ''Atomic Tom', who hosted the entertaining lesson!

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"More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together." Kofi Annan

There is so much 'goodness' taking place in the world every day. We are gathering as much of it as we can to highlight and share with our networks. 

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