Burning2Learn aims to transform young people's skills, attitudes and life chances by offering enterprising and self-empowering learning experiences within education. To achieve this, we work with schools, businesses and community partners to develop programmes that enhance engagement in learning and enable young people to learn about the business world that they will one day need to transfer their skills into. 


We approach learning with a holistic human-centric ethos which embeds developing confidence, self-esteem and motivation within young people at the heart of all our programmes. 


Our programmes are designed to help young people by:


Encouraging aspiration

Teaching how to transfer skills into the world of work 

Exploring the business world and the varied job roles that exist

Demonstrating the relevance of education in the world of work

Developing communication skills in different environments

Boosting business and social interactions to build self-confidence

Raising awareness of how others are impacted by our own actions  

Improving presentational skills

What we do


Burning2Learn is encouraging all young people that we work with to switch on to the Global Goals and help make them a reality by 2030.

We have picked our first three goals to work on, have you? 

Since our new webiste launch!


"You are never too young to lead. You are never too young to do what it is you actually believe in. We keep saying that the future belongs to  the young; it only belongs to you if you take it. From what I have seen, 

you young people are going to change the world; and you have to be that change that you want to see."


- Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of The United Nations

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