Businesses and organisations


Burning2Learn works with businesses to reinforce the values and skill sets required in the world of work.

Having business and industry professionals involved in our events enhances young people's business

interactions by instilling self-esteem and confidence.


"Taking a day out of the classroom to attend an event in London where you interview an MP, a celebrity or a Professor, say, is

something that will stay with you for a long time to come - and so are the skills that you develop on that day too."


Involving your business in a Burning2Learn programme would give you the opportunity to:


Supporting the emotional wellbeing of young people

Develop their understanding of the relevance of education

Help young people find career paths that they are genuinely suited to

Raise awareness of your business/industry and show how it is a potential route to consider

Enhancing the communication and social skills will contribute towards developing young, independent leaders within society


To find out how supporting a programme can benefit your business please follow the link below.