Know Your Community

Aligning education to the world of work

There’s so much that goes on in the world around us that is often missed or unseen. It's so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives and forget to step outside the front door. Our 'Know your Community' programme encourages young people to take more interest in what’s going on right now so they can get to know the post-education world they are soon going to be entering into.

Education Materials

We produce education materials for use in the classroom and at our events that encorporate numeracy and literacy into real life events, experiences and situation. Here are some examples of the topics we have covered:

Rugby World Cup

Our Longest Reigning Monarch

Buckmore Learning Zone

Racing Board Game

Sports Board Game

Classroom Fillers

Business/Careers Events

Taking young people to new and exciting events allows them to explore careers, job roles and industries that they may not even have considered. Through our programmes our students are also given exclusive access to press and media resources, which encourages them to go out onto the show floor and start conversations with exhibitors and visitors.


In case they were wondering how demanding the world of work can be, they'll also be tasked with creating their own press release about the event within the four hours that they are there! Below is a list of some of the events that we have previously attended with students:

Smartworking Summit

TIGE Talk: Lawrence Bloom

Francis Maude MP Presentation, RSA

Open Government Partnership

Trust and Itegrity in the Global Economy conference for business

Diane Abbott MP's LSBC Awards Evening

Scottish Referendum Forum

Swanley Jobs Fair

Tunbridge Wells Jobs Fair

Gadget Show

Southampton Boat Show


Coffee Cup Challenge

In order to better equip our next generation for their transition into the world of work, we devised the 'Coffee Cup Challenge', which gives aspiring young people the opportunity to interview top industry professionals and thought-leaders. Since the world of work is changing so rapidly, our aim is to find out more about what is needed to thrive in the business world, which skill sets are imperative and what advice top professionals would give a young person looking to go into their industry. These are some of the interviews our students have recently taken part in:

Rugby Player.jpg
Swanley Link Image.jpg
adrian .jpg
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