Junior Media Team

The great thing about empowerment is getting to see a young person come to life and once that spark has been lit they’ll see for themselves that they have the ability to shine. Empowering young people is the first impact of a Junior Media Team Experience, and by the end of the day they’ll have discovered the of self-empowerment. 


We take students to events of all shapes and sizes to give them the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the world around them that they will one day enter. We try to encourage our students to take risks and do this by building trust and showing them that they are valued. We do this by engaging them in the team briefing where the floor is open to their suggestions about what news and reports can be collected throughout the day, and by empowering them to go out there and put their ideas into action. Our human-centric approach allows us to tailor our programmes to each school’s need and gives young people the

chance to learn about the things that really make them tick! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Junior Media Team is typically made up of students aged 14-16, but there’s plenty of scope for both older and younger students. This programme is all about developing motivation, self-esteem and confidence. Through creative project based experiences our students develop as a team and are able to identify their own roles to play as a valued member of that team. You might not be interested in writing a news story, but you may want to learn more about photography or design a front cover!


For some of our students, enhancing skills like being able to speak to somebody new, having the confidence to stand up at the front or put your hand up in class are extremely important. Building self-esteem and motivation have huge impacts on a child’s views about doing this; both in the classroom and in everyday life.


This experience is a unique opportunity for transformations to take place and many of our students become mentors for their other classmates. By empowering them and showing them that they are valued, you release a fantastic energy that makes the them confident enough to give it a go and take a few risks. They may be scared at first, but that’s why developing trust in the beginning is key so that they can be reassured that whatever happens there’s a Burning2Learn shaped safety net waiting to catch them if something doesn’t go quite according to plan!