Whilst it may be true that for most parents the main reason for enrolling their children

into a school is to learn about academic subjects like literacy, science, maths, and so on,

these are not the only things that children need to learn about to become successful in

the real world.


Becoming employable, learning how to communicate effectively, being able to make

decision - particularly when under pressure - and so on are just a few examples of the

other skills that young people need to learn at some point during their time in education.

Our programmes incorporate opportunities for our students to learn these skills, enhance

their motivation towards their next phase of education and raise their aspirations.


For us, the earlier the better! Our first transition programmes are designed for year six students.

Making the move from Primary to Secondary school is usually one of the first big changes that happen in a

child's life, certainly with regards to their education. Our programmes offer support to students making their first transition in education by helping them to build self-esteem and confidence. Our programmes are all project based, and when working with year six students empowerment and ownership in new ideas is something we work hard to develop.


The next programme that we offer is designed for teenagers making their transition from studying core subjects to choosing their options and taking their G.C.S.Es. Teenagers not only have to decide what options to take in order to work towards their future careers - which many young people haven't even thought about yet- but they are also going through a lot of social and personal changes around this time.


There is a lot of pressure on teenage students, for a whole host of reasons - not just academic - and we all handle that pressure in different ways. Our approach to supporting young people is to remind them that it's ok not to have all the answers straight away and that asking for help is not a bad thing. Through our Junior Media Team, we take students out of the classroom and away from any of the pressures or stresses in their lives and make the day all about them. We tailor the types of events we attend to suit the needs of each group of students that we work with and encourage them take responsibility and become leaders for the day.


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Transition Programmes