We believe that education should be about equipping young people with the skills they need for life beyond the walls of school, college and university.


Burning2Learn runs education programmes at business, education and entertainment events that are geared towards raising self-esteem and confidence. Our programmes are for students of all ages/academic levels, and are tailored to the needs of the individual. By identifying talents and developing life skills our programmes also build resilience and motivate

young people to take a more active role in determining their own futures.


We encourage our students to think deeper, to ask more questions and to put forward their own responses to key issues in the 21st century. In doing so, we aim to better prepare young people for life in modern Britain.


Motivating tomorrow's adults today

by developing the talent within

People centered learning

Chase your dreams

Explore the world

around you


Burning2Learn take young people to events, seminars and summits of all sizes to give them a chance to hear the key messages that our politicians, business leaders and top thinkers are putting out there. We then empower young people to take ownership in new projects and to take those messages and all that they have learnt back into the classroom to share with their teachers and classmates.



Find your talents

Unlock Your Potential

2018 is proving to be another very busy year for the B2L team

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 Our main aim for the year ahead is to spread the word of the UN Global Goals For Sustainable Development! Our team is working hard to make the #GlobalGoals famous across our networks, and you can help too but telling everyone you know why they are so important!

What are the #GlobalGoals?

What do the Goals mean to you?

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